Madison Academy

MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) 2015-16
Membership Resolution

The Michigan High School Athletic Association is a voluntary, nonprofit corporation comprised of public, private and parochial junior high/middle and senior high schools whose Boards of Education/Governing Bodies have voluntarily applied for a received membership for and on behalf of their secondary schools. The association sponsors statewide tournaments and makes eligibility rules with respect to participation in such Michigan High School Athletic Association sponsored tournaments in the various sports. Each Board of Education/Governing Body that wishes to host or participate in such meets and tournaments must join the MHSAA and agree to abide by and enforce the MHSAA rules, regulations and qualifications concerning eligibility, game rules and tournament policies, procedures and schedules. It is a condition for participation in any MHSAA postseason tournaments that high schools adhere to at least the minimum standards of Regulation I and the maximum limitations of Regulation II in ALL MHSAA Tournament sports.

Michigan High School Athletic Association tournaments are the collective property of the MHSAA and not of any individual member school. The MHSAA reserves the right to promote and advance the membership's interests with publication information; exclusive arrangements to create recognition and exposure for school-sponsored activities; restrictive policies prohibiting exploitation and commercialization of MHSAA-sponsored tournaments; appropriate proprietary interests, and the use of images or transmissions identifying contest officials, spectators and member schools' students, personnel and marks.

To obtain membership, it is necessary for the Board of Education/Governing Body to adopt the following resolution for its junior high/middle and senior high schools. This resolution must be formally ratified by your Board of Education/Governing Body and properly signed. Please return one signed copy for our files and retain one copy for your files. Resolutions that are modified in any way or are supplemented with letters placing additional conditions on MHSAA membership or tournament participation shall be rejected.

Membership Resolution
For the year August 1, 2015 through July 31, 2016

LIST ON BACK the Secondary School(s) which are under the direction of this Board of Education/Governing Body.

(Junior high/middle and senior high schools of your school system which are to be listed as MHSAA members and receive MHSAA mailings during 2015-16 must be listed on the back of this form)

Madison Academy High School City of Burton County of Genesee, of State of Michigan, are hereby:
(A) enrolled as members of the Michigan High School Athletic Association, Inc., a nonprofit association, and
(B) are further enrolled to participate in the approved interschool athletic activities sponsored by said association.

The Board of Education/Governing Body hereby delegates to the Superintendent or his/her designee(s) the responsibility for the supervision and control of said activities, and hereby accepts the Constitution and By-laws of said association and adopts as its own the rules, regulations and interpretations (as minimum standards), as published in the current HANDBOOK as the governing code under which the said school(s) shall conduct its program of interscholastic athletics and agrees to primary enforcement of said rules, regulations, interpretations and qualifications. In addition, it is hereby agreed that schools which host or participate in the association's meets and tournaments shall follow and enforce all tournament policies, procedures and schedules.

This authorization shall be effective from August 1, 2015 and shall remain effective until July 31, 2016, during which the authorization may not be revoked.


The above resolution was adopted by the Board of Education/Governing Body of the
Madison Academy School(s), on the 23rd day of June 2015, and is so recorded in the minutes of the meeting of the said Board/Governing Body.

Madison Academy (Governing Body Name)
6070 Torrey Rd
Robert Malcommson
Board Secretary Signature or Designee

Schools Which Are To Be MHSAA Members During 2015-16

NOTE: Pursuant to the MHSAA Constitution, "All high schools, junior high/middle schools, or other schools of Michigan doing a grade of work corresponding to such schools, may become members of this organization provided (a) the school building has an enrollment and on-site attendance of at least 15 students, weather for grades 7 and 8, or 7 through 9, or 10 through 12, or 9 through 12; and (b) if nonpublic school, the school qualifies for federal income tax exemption as a not-for-profit organization." If enrollment falls below the minimum, the school must notify the MHSAA and its membership will be subject to suspension.

Senior High School(s)                                                                     Junior High/Middle School(s)
                                                                                                       (Include how many students in grades 7th and 8th)

Even if all grades are housed in one school building. The below columns must be completed separately in order for schools service 7-12 grades to be included as members.
7th and 8th grade enrollment must be included for JH/Middle Schools.

1. Madison Academy